Weight Watch & Fiber Combo


Watching your waistline isn’t just about the looks. Did you know that a bigger belly increases your risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer?

Meet our Weight Watch Muesli & Hi-Fiber Granola, an all-natural way to balance your diet with a healthy load of fiber and protein to make you full for longer, low-glycemic carbs for blood sugar control, and healthy fats to regulate your cholesterol. 

Our muesli won’t magically make you slim, but it will help you maintain a healthy body weight while keeping your body nourished. And the bonus? It tastes great too. 

What is muesli & granola?

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What’s in the Bag

Net weight:
– 1 unit 280g Hi Fiber Granola
– 1 unit 520g Weight Watch Muesli
Serving size: 40 g (4 tablespoons).
Servings per bag: 7 servings (280g) or 13 servings (520g).

Health Benefits

*Health claims complying with standards by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia. NRV = Nutrient Reference Value.

✔️ Diabetes-friendly (Referring Weight Watch Muesli Only)
Only low-glycemic ingredients that are safe and beneficial for diabetic patients.

✔️ High in dietary fiber*
Fiber regulates your digestion, supports your gut microbiome, and helps control your blood pressure, glycemia, and body weight.

✔️ Source of beta-glucan*
A type of soluble fiber that lowers your cholesterol levels if consumed 3 g per day.

✔️ High in protein*
Keeps you full for longer and helps control your weight. It also supports the growth and regeneration of your bones, muscles, skin, and other tissues.

✔️ High in* magnesium, iron, and thiamin.

✔️ Source of* vitamin B-5, and vitamin E.

✔️ Very low in sodium* (salt)
Less than 3 mg per serving. This is healthy for your blood pressure, kidneys, and heart.

✔️ Rich in unsaturated fats
Healthy fats that help control your weight by keeping you full. They also balance your cholesterol levels.

✔️ Quality energy
No empty calories.

✔️ Low sugar 
One of the lowest in the granola market! Perfect for diet.

What’s NOT in our products

✖️ Added refined sugar.

✖️ Artificial sweeteners.

✖️ Artificial preservatives.

✖️ Trans fat and cholesterol.

✖️ Empty calories.

Suitable For

Health-conscious individuals aiming to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight in a balanced and natural way. It is also a great option for diabetic patients and people who aren’t physically active, even if they’re not overweight.

We also bundle it with Hi Fiber Granola. For those who don’t get enough fiber from their daily diets (not enough whole grains, fruits, and vegetables every day), and those with digestive trouble such as constipation and hemorrhoids.


Hi Fiber Granola:
Rolled oats, peanuts, flaxseeds, honey, dried apricots, raisins, hazelnuts, wheat bran, canola oil, psyllium husk.

Rolled oats (dry-roasted), dried apricots, buckwheat, almonds, cashew nuts, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, white sesame seeds, figs.

Meet our ingredients.

Allergy Information

May contain gluten and nuts.

What is Muesli & Granola

Both granola and muesli have many similarities, it is a ready-to-eat mixture of dry-roasted oats, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and other nourishing ingredients, known for its beneficial effects on human health. The main difference is how they’re made. Granola is baked with a touch of honey and heart-friendly canola oil.

How to Consume

  • As a meal. Mix with milk, soya milk, yogurt, etc. Add fresh fruit to boost flavor and nutrients!
  • As topping on frozen yogurt, fruit salad, dessert etc. 
  • As a snack on its own. Convenient food that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere – office, school, gym etc.
  • NO COOKING needed!

Best Before

3 months. But we highly recommend to consume it within 1 month, as this product has zero preservatives.

For more Information

Nutrition Information

Weight0.28 kg
Dimensions23 × 17 × 7 cm

280 g, 520 g


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