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What’s so special about our products?

The main reason we’re proud of our Grain Forest products is that they are science-based and all-natural. We use the latest findings in nutrition science to design truly healthy food that tastes great and it’s made entirely of natural ingredients.

We’re also proud of our artisanal production. We do everything ourselves, from research and product formulation to production and packaging. Every product is handmade with the utmost care and attention to detail. 

As a result of all that, you can expect our products to have:

  • Optimized nutritional profiles for diverse health needs. Not everyone needs the same nutrients to stay healthy!
  • No hidden health hazards, i.e. loads of added sugars or unhealthy fats, or any artificial additives. 
  • A taste that you’ll love. Who said that healthy food can’t be yummy? 

Who are our products designed for?

  • Those who want honestly healthy food with no hidden hazards. We feel you. We’re appalled by all those so-called “health foods” with >20% sugar content – how can they call that healthy? Or those “organic” products with only three organic ingredients out of 12. It’s not that we care whether it’s organic or not (see below), it’s about being honest.
  • Those who do not trust the claims from health foods. We feel you too, we have the same problem. That’s why we decided to make our own health food using updated nutrition knowledge from reputable sources. But don’t just take our word for it, check the references we provide and our Nutrition Facts labels.
  • Those who want to eat healthy but don’t know how. Yes, it’s tough to find out what’s good and what’s not in the ocean of contradicting eating advice and guidelines. But don’t worry, we have done all the reading and research for you. You can be sure that we are absolutely critical (and skeptical) about any health claims. It’s what we were trained for as scientists.
  • Those who want real healthy food for their loved ones. Our products are formulated based on scientific knowledge; not based on unfounded beliefs, myths, or wizardry arts. We encourage you to question us and other food manufacturers about their health claims.

Granola vs muesli vs cereals: are they different?

They are all commonly eaten for breakfast but they are made differently

Granola and muesli are cousins. They’re minimally processed products made of wholesome ingredients like oats, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. The difference is that muesli is typically unbaked, while granola is baked with a touch of oil and a natural sweetener like honey or maple syrup. 

On the other hand, breakfast cereals (or simply cereals) are completely different. Common examples are Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and Frosties, and Nestle’s Honey Stars and Koko Krunch. They are heavily processed and contain harmful amounts of refined sugars and artificial ingredients

Now, a word of caution. Don’t let the name trick you: many granolas in the market are not as healthy as they should be. Always check the Nutrition Information and follow our 12 tips to choose a healthy granola.

How to eat granola and muesli?

Granola and muesli can be enjoyed straight out of the bag. No cooking needed! 

You can eat them anywhere, anytime. They’re a great breakfast and snack option for those running on a tight schedule.

Some ways to enjoy granola and muesli are:

  • As a meal on their own. Pour them in a bowl with some yogurt, milk, or plant-based milk (soy, almond, your choice). For a super healthy breakfast, throw in some chopped fresh fruit. 
  • As toppings on your frozen yogurt, taufufa, dessert, fruit salad, smoothie, and anything that needs a good punch of crunch and nuttiness.
  • As snacks. Hungry but got no time for a proper meal? Dig into our granola! It’s tasty on its own and the high fiber and healthy fats will satisfy your hunger.

What’s the best time to eat granola?

Anytime you want! Granola can be eaten as a meal on its own or as a snack. See the question above for the ways to enjoy granola.

Just don’t eat it together with your medicines. Why? Because the high levels of fiber in our products might interfere with the absorption of your medication, making it less effective.

As a rule of thumb, always allow 1 to 2 hours between your medicines and fiber-rich foods.

Why doesn’t Grain Forest use organic ingredients?

Contrary to popular belief, organic produce is NOT healthier, more nutritious, or safer than conventional produce. But it is considerably more expensive.

Yes, organic crops may have fewer synthetic fertilizers and pesticides but that doesn’t improve their nutrient profiles. Besides, fewer doesn’t mean zero. Both organic and conventional produce usually have pesticides and fertilizers within the levels of safe consumption. 

So why pay more for something that’s not significantly better? 

Our mission is to make honestly healthy food accessible to as many people as possible and therefore, we chose not to use more expensive organic ingredients in our products.

Why do we use “cheap ingredients” like peanuts and raisins?

Peanuts and raisins are so “conventional” that they have been neglected from the lists of trendy health foods. But the truth is, they are both incredibly nutritious and we see no reason to ignore them. Besides, they’re delicious!

Now, we also use “fancier” ingredients like hazelnuts, chia seeds, or dried apricots. But only because they are super nutritious and tasty, not because they’re trendy or expensive

We’re not into blindly following nutrition trends just because. And we won’t take you down that road either.

Is dried fruit a healthy addition to your granola?

Absolutely! Dried fruits are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber, so they can provide lots of health benefits if you eat them in moderation. Especially if you eat them together with wholesome, fiber-rich foods like our nuts and grains.

It is true that dried fruits are high in natural sugars. But thanks to the fiber in fruits, these sugars are absorbed slowly and don’t cause dangerous blood glucose spikes. That’s why even diabetics can enjoy small portions of dried fruit, as long as it isn’t artificially sweetened

Just keep in mind that some dried fruits are more calorie-dense than others. Check our ingredient page to find out which dried fruit is best for you!

Why does the fat content of our products seem so high?

You probably heard this before: “nuts are loaded with fats and should be avoided”. Well, it’s time to ditch that outdated idea

Yes, nuts and seeds are loaded with fats. But these fats are mostly the healthy type that balances your cholesterol profile and lowers your risk of heart disease and stroke. They are called unsaturated fats and their regular consumption – in moderate amounts – is linked to numerous health benefits

Now, those fats in nuts and seeds are what make our products look fat-rich. But rest assured, most fats in our products are unsaturated – the healthy type. And we always make sure that the fat content per serving of each one of our products is well within healthy limits.

And as for the unhealthy fats, don’t worry: our products have zero trans fat and small amounts of saturated fats of plant origin, which occur naturally in our wholesome ingredients.

Why does the calorie count seem high?

As explained in the previous FAQ, the fat in our products comes mostly from our nuts and seeds, which are loaded with healthy unsaturated fats.

Now, fat is a source of energy. In other words, fat = calories. So yes, all those healthy fats in our raw ingredients increase the calorie count of our products. However, calories aren’t a bad thing; we actually need them to carry out vital functions like breathing, thinking, and moving. 

The problem isn’t calories but rather empty calories: foods that are calorie-rich but nutrient-poor such as cookies, soft drinks, and fast food. Being poor in nutrients, these foods don’t satisfy you for long and prompt you to eat more often, leading to weight gain and nutrient deficiencies

Thankfully, there are no empty calories in our products, as they are loaded with fiber, protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. We carefully formulate each product to deliver delicious alternatives to unhealthy snacks that will keep you full for longer while fulfilling your body’s nutrient needs.

Why keep Grain Forest products in the fridge?

We don’t use any preservatives in our products, so we recommend refrigeration to preserve their freshness and nutritional value.

The cool, dry environment of the fridge protects our delicate ingredients from excessive heat, moisture, and light. This slows down natural reactions like the oxidation of vitamins and healthy fats, which can reduce the nutritional value of our products and even induce unpleasant odors and flavors. We certainly wouldn’t want that!

Of course, we could just add preservatives to our products but we choose not to. We promise you natural and that’s what we deliver.

Why do Grain Forest products have short expiry dates?

Because we don’t use any preservatives to artificially prolong the life of our products. You’ll find a small sachet of food-grade moisture absorbent in our products, though. This is to protect the healthy fats in our grains from degradation (see the FAQ above).

Our products are prepared fresh and we ensure that they reach our customers within a few days after production.  We recommend you to store our products in the fridge to prolong their freshness (see the FAQ above).

Now, can you safely consume our products after their expiry date? Absolutely! All our ingredients are non-perishable and will last for a long time even outside the fridge, without posing any danger to your health. We just can’t guarantee that the nutritional values, flavors, and textures will remain the same.

Why do we use transparent bags for our products?

That’s because we’ve got nothing to hide! We want you to see every last grain, nut, seed, and fruit because they are the carriers of all the health benefits that our products deliver. Seeing is believing, right?

We’re well aware that plastic bags are not environmentally friendly and we’re constantly looking for greener alternatives. But as a small startup company, these bags are all we can afford now. We promise you, however, that as soon as we can we’ll switch to packaging that leaves as little footprint on our beloved planet as possible. 

That said, please reuse and repurpose our resealable bags. We reuse ours to keep dried pantry food, frozen food, small household items, etc. It’s amazing how tough these bags are and how many times we can reuse them.

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